Expert Craftsmanship + Contemporary Design = Sustainable Jobs for Artisans

The Origin

Several years after earning a degree in fine arts, Jenny Krauss recognized that her artistic endeavors had limited reach within a niche audience. Desiring a path that melded creativity with meaningful interaction, Jenny transitioned into the world of fair-trade commerce. In 2005, she embarked on a journey with artisans in Bolivia, cultivating a vision for textile craftsmanship. At a trade show in 2007, Jenny's encounter with a representative from the Trade Commission of Peru catalyzed her fascination with embroidery from Ayacucho. This encounter marked the inception of a transformative partnership focused on sustainable employment for artisans. Today, over 800 artisans benefit from steady employment through this long-standing collaboration.

Brand Values + Impact

From the outset, Jenny chose to concentrate on a specific product range from a singular region, ensuring sustained employment opportunities for artisans year-round. This strategic focus maximizes artisans' earnings and significantly impacts their families and communities. Jenny operates her business under the guiding principles of fair trade, promoting transparency, accountability, and equitable partnerships in every facet of her enterprise.

Our artisan partners hail from marginalized communities often deprived of fair employment opportunities. By adhering to fair trade principles, every purchase contributes to a positive economic ripple effect. Your support fosters sustainable livelihoods, empowering these communities with dignified work and sustainable income.

Fair Trade Principles

Create opportunities for economically and socially marginalized producers

Your purchase creates pathways for economically and socially marginalized Peruvian embroidery artisans, offering fair trade partnerships that uplift and empower.

Develop transparent and accountable relationships 

We prioritize fostering transparent and accountable relationships with our artisan partners, ensuring open communication and mutual understanding.

Build capacity

Through our collaborations, we support Peruvian embroidery artisans in further developing their skills and resources, empowering them to thrive sustainably in their craft.

Promote fair trade

Our commitment to equitable practices within the Peruvian embroidery industry promotes fairness and ethical treatment for all.

Pay promptly and fairly

We honor the craftsmanship of our artisan partners by ensuring prompt and equitable compensation for their exquisite work.

Support safe and empowering working conditions

We ensure the safe working conditions for Peruvian embroidery artisans, ensuring their well-being and rights are prioritized, with a firm commitment against sweatshop practices.

Ensure the rights of children

We are dedicated to upholding the rights of children within our supply chain, supporting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as local laws and social norms to ensure ethical standards and responsibilities are met.

Cultivate environmental stewardship

Handmade production is the most sustainable and carbon-neutral way to create fashion accessories. We take care to ensure that nothing goes to landfills, and use the leftover threads to create keychains/bag charms.

Respect cultural identity

There is no better way to do this than to engage in ethical trade. Following the principles of fair trade ensures that this value is inherent in all of our operations.

Artistic Process


Jenny initiates each design by selecting a vibrant color palette and meticulously drawing a diverse array of embroidered flowers—the hallmark of Ayacuchana embroidery. Employing freehand techniques with a stylus, Jenny specifies the stitches for each color, infusing each creation with her unique vision.


Nestled in the majestic Peruvian Andes, the artisans of Ayacucho bring these designs to life with exceptional skill. The yarn, hand-dyed to perfection, complements the intricately woven base fabric, meticulously crafted on manual floor looms. Jenny's designs are translated onto the fabric using silk screen methods. Each piece of yarn is meticulously pinned into place before being entrusted to the hundreds of skilled embroiderers in surrounding communities. Team leaders oversee the distribution of materials, ensuring that artisans can work from their homes. Upon completion, the finished pieces are collected, washed, dried, and adorned with the necessary hardware—a testament to traditional techniques infused with heartfelt dedication.

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